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Vivica Fox Shitted

Vivica Fox celebrates getting her back realigned by a sexy 26 year old man-toy. You’d betta work bitch!!!

Ok, it’s official, Vivica Anjanetta Fox is a muthafucking boss bitch! That 46 year old tranny faced cradle robber has bagged herself one those sickening ATLiens with youth, body, lips and a smile that makes you wish he was your cell mate during a ten year stretch in the penitentiary… I’d insist that he cut those dreads down a bit, I would want to be able to see his back while he’s bent over grabbing his ankles…. Oh well, kudos to Wendy’s messy ass for even going there with her questions. If you look closely you’ll be able to see the moisture from Wendy’s sweating kaslopis as it ran down her hosery, that’s how hot “Slimm” made her.

On another note, Vivica is clearly delusion as she thinks she can still have kids at her age. At 46 years old the only way Vivica could get still get pregnant is if she had a dozen of her eggs frozen back when she was still fertile (decades ago).  Most people of African decent age gracefully so it’s pretty fucking strange to see these rare breeds of blacks who become surgically altered beyond any recognition. Like my girl TS Sexy Chanel said:

“I got mad respect for any woman 40 years old that can get enough surge to look like a tranny & pull a 26 year old”

I totally agree, but there IS something wrong with a black woman who’s face work rivals any cast member from the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ (Taylor or Adrienne anyone?).

-Chase Coxxx

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  1. Chanel Winn Decarlo

    LOLL I can’t get enough of this your editing to is just made it all the more better

    Dec 20, 2010 @ 12:35 PM

  2. Chanel Winn Decarlo

    OOO I couldnt see him that good one Wendy but werk it Vivica and I am with you girl at 46 I am in it for the fun aint no way I would be trying to give him no baby I wouldn’t even adopt

    Dec 20, 2010 @ 7:13 PM